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Project "Youth link 3"

With the funding provided by The Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States during 2012 and 2013, in cooperation with youth organization ENTER from Bac, PRONI Centre for Social Education will implement the project „Youth link 3“.


The project activities will aim to increase the quality of youth work, by promoting important and active role of youth civil society organizations, value of cross-sector cooperation in the municipality of Bac and importance of cross-border partnership.  

Specifically, project refers to young people and their work on capacity building, stimulation and creation of good conditions for cross-sector development and enhancement of cross-border partnership between youth clubs from Croatia and Serbia.

Training of European youth

  In training centre in Pirovac, from 11th till 17th of June was implemented international training course „European Citizenship in Youth Work” on which 19 participants from all over the Europe participated. This training course was developed to encourage the development of a critical, democratic and creative European Citizenship as an active social, political and cultural role to construct a shared Europe and in doing so, to support the implementation and quality of the «Youth in Action» Programme of the European Union.

Such trainings was co-ordinated and monitored by SALTO-YOUTH Training and Co-operation Resource Centre and in Croatia organized by Agency for mobility and EU Programmes, and PRONI Centre.

"IMOS" - youth information fair in Osijek

 In cooperation with the Advisory Committee of the Regional Information Center for Youth in Osijek, PRONI is the third consecutive year organized "IMOS" - youth information fair, which this time is held at the Holy Trinity square in the Citadel, co-organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship in Osijek.
"IMOS"-youth information fair was held on 16.5., on Paneuropean day, as a part of Europian campaign "Information right now" - young people are asking. As before, the project IMOS is financially supported by the Townhall of Osijek.

Study visit by young people from Novi Pazar
 To PRONI Centre, to Slavonia and Baranja, 25 youngsters from Novi Pazar came to study visit from 14th to 17th of May. The aim of visit was to share experience and to present rural tourism of this region. This visit was organized within the project "Novi Pazar - A Place To Meet " which in partnership with the association Urban In from Novi Pazar, Serbia and IKV from The Netherlands, implements PRONI Centre. 
Day of Europe in Vukovar

 To mark Europe Day, PRONI Centre for Social Education promoted the campaign "Information right now! - Young people are asking," launched by the European Agency for Youth Information and Counseling in cooperation with the Council of Europe. In Croatia, whose co-founder is PRONI Centre, the Association of Youth Info centres is responsible for the implementation of the campaign.

Awarded Diplomas to the youth from Vukovar

  In Vukovar City Hall, 26th April 2012, at noon, students from the education activities of the project "Youth Employment Task Force" awarded Diplomas.

PRONI Centre for Social Education and partners: Croatian Employment Service - Regional Office Vukovar and Volunteer Centre Osijek in this way marked the end of the project "Youth Employment Task Force" and the results of the project were briefly presented to the audience.

Diplomas were given to young people from Osijek

Students of educational activities of the project " Youth Employment Task Force" on Tuesday, the 25th April 2012, at the Evangelical-Theological Faculty in Osijek, starting at 13 hours, were awarded diplomas.
PRONI Centre for Social Education and partners: Croatian Employment Service - Regional Office Osijek and Volunteer Centre Osijek in this way marked the end of the project "Youth Employment Task Force" and the results of the project were briefly presented to the audience.
4th partnership meeting
 In the premises of Volunteer Centre Osijek, on Tuesday 25 April 2012., starting at 10 am, the fourth partnership meeting from the project "Youth employment Task Force" was held. In addition of review of all activities carried out in the fourth quarter, the partners have made an verbal evaluation of the overall project, which finishes on 2nd of May. Emphasis is placed on the difficulty in motivating young people, and the need of complete individual approach to every user.

Partners have expressed satisfaction with the experience gained, partner relationships, and personal development during the project.
To the Youth from Sisak were awarded Diplomas

  In the premises of Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Sisak, on 24 April 2012, starting at 13 am, students were awarded diplomas of educational activities of the project

"Youth Employment Task Force".
PRONI Centre for Social Education and partner Croatian Employment Service - Regional Office Sisak, in this way marked the end of the "Youth Employment Task Force", and the audience was briefly presented the results of the project.

Youth information charter, Campaign...

 The representatives of PRONI Centre, participated on the conference "Information right now! - young people are asking", which on, 17th of April on European Youth Information Day, was organized in the Parliament by Ministry of Social Policy and Youth and The Association of Youth Information Centres in Croatia, whose member and co-founder is PRONI Centre.

Within the conference, vice president of the Croatian Government and the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth, Milanka Opacic and director of European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA), Davide Capecchi, signed European Youth Information Charter, thus Croatia, among other European countries, became 30th country that supported this key document in Youth information work.  

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