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Info-caravan in Josipovac Punitovacki
 The host of today's Info-caravan, 11/10/2014. was a primary school "Josip Kozarac" in Josipovac PUNITOVACKI. Successful Information presentation and consultation is complemented by the pleasant ambience of the school, and warm-hearted teachers and principal. Students of the seventh and eighth grades were given basic information on how to choose future professions, the importance of it, and where, how and when they can seek and obtain other information in accordance with their needs.The project "Info-caravan" is financial supported by Osijek-Baranja County , conducted in collaboration with the Center for Information and career counseling (CISOK), Osijek .
Info-caravan started!

Info karavana u Bijelom BrduThe first of the five stations of info-caravan was an elementary school Bijelo Brdo. Representatives PRONI Center / Regional Info-Center for Youth Osijek and Osijek CISOK (Center for informing and counselling for career) informed and advised about 40 students present, on ways of choosing future profession, or secondary school they want to enroll after completing primary school. They were also presented with Info Center for Youth as well as the services that it offers and are available on a daily basis, both in physical and virtual space.

Meeting of the Coordinating Committee "Legiranje, not drugging"
As a result of the exchange of information at the meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Regional Information Centre for Youth Osijek, PRONI Center / RYICM Osijek is involved in the coordination of "Legiranje, not drug use." In the premises of the Police Department of Osijek-Baranja county, on 4th November 2014 there was a meeting of the Coordinating attended by representatives of the Institute of Public Health of the Osijek-Baranja County, Center for mental health care, Prevention and...
Intersectoral cooperation
 In the Center for Information and career counseling (CISOK) Osijek, 31 October 2014 there was a meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Regional Information Center for youth. Information on current and planned activities are mutually exchanged between representatives of the Croatian Employment Service, Center for Social Welfare, Police Department Osijek-Baranja, the School of Applied Art and Design, the Red Cross and PRONI Center / RYIC-Osijek. Highest priority was given to the possibility of cooperation, particularly upcoming activities within the Month of fight against addiction.
 Spirit association from Rijeka, in collaboration with PRONI Centre / RICM Osijek, presents a selection of short documentary films from the festival, "CATCH THE FILM", with the theme of disability (or authors OSI). You will see films from around the world that change perspective, the films that will delight you and entertain and movies from which you can learn something.
Film screenings will be held at Thursday, 11.06.2014., In the Avenue Mall (Cineplexx) in two terms, 11-13 hours and 17-19 hours.
Admission is free (or donations).
See more ...
Two-day training for volunteers in RYIC Osijek
 In the premises of Regional info-center for youth, on 29th and 30th October 2014., was held the training for volunteers. The training is part of the preparation for the implementation of several activities under the Month of combat addiction. Volunteers (14) will put their ideas into practice, thereby developing the skills necessary for the organization of specific activities. Participants rated the training as very interesting and useful and they enthusiastically went into the design and preparation of its activities.
PRONI Center on the Job fair in Osijek
 As every year, so far, PRONI Center / Regional information center for youth, participated in the Job Fair in Osijek. On this occasion, the projects of PRONI Centre and possibilities of youth participation in the activities of the Info-center for young people were presented, but also the opportunities that are offered to young people in the EU. As part of the Fair, a representative of PRONI Centre attended the round table on the theme of lifelong learning.
Time to move?

 PRONI Center, as a partner of EURODESK was involved in Info-campaign about mobility in Europe "Time to move?"

Traveling info-station was organized on 10.13.2014. in the lobby of Lavoslav Ruzicka university in Vukovar from 10:00h to 12:00h.

On Friday 10.17 in Osijek, from 11h do 15h volunteers have informed the youth through three info-stands about the possibilities which are offered to them regarding mobility in education, employment as well as volunteering in the countries of European Union.

Information stands were placed in front of the Student Center, on Sv. Trojstvo square in Tvrdja and on the main square of Osijek city.


Vacancy announcement for Head of Youth information centre Vukovar

 Due to intention for local employment, information for Vacancy announcement is only available in Croatian language.


Thank you for understanding.

We are looking for volunteers!
 "My idea, my organization, my score!"
Join, register, "uštekaj se", say, show, teach ... check it out!
Get involved in the design, organization and implementation of activities in Info-center for youth Osijek, beginning with the month of combating addiction (November 15. - December 15.).
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