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Get involved in the new project!
 Within the project "Think preventive, act locally" led by PRONI Centre for Social Education in cooperation with Police units of Osijek-baranja and Vukovar-srijem County, the application procedure for participation of young people in the project activities, has started.

All young people between 15 and 30 years, from Osijek and Vukovar, can apply for participation in this project, latest until Friday, March 21, by sending application forms to one of the following addresses:
For the city of Vukovara: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
For the city of Osijeka: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
The application form can be downloaded here.
"28th star" in Nova Gradiška!
 On Friday, the 28th February and Nova Gradiska High School students are familiar with the conclusions of mass discussion of youth, and they themselves had the opportunity to express their opinion regarding European issues relevant to young people . Through presentations they were led by Students of Industrial-trades school Pozega: Anamaria Cvetkovic, Andrea B ojkoand Martina Skeja.
"28th star" in Kutina!
 Students, professors and high school principal of High school Tina Ujevica in Kutina with interest followed the presentation of Manuela Puškadija from Secondary School Valpovo. Students' interest in the topics of the European Union was to be applauded, as demonstrated by active participation in the exchange of opinions and asking questions.
Violence prevention among youth through Break dance
 Violence prevention among youth, through Break dance, is one of the main goals of Break dance workshops which within the project „Violence? No, thanks!” started on February 27 in Vukovar. The workshops are organized in partner organization – Youth Peace Group Danube, on which 10 young people from Vukovar-srijem County participate. Within the whole cycle, led by Break dance leader Danijel Gazo, young people will gain break dance techniques, as well as create break dance choreography that will be presented to wider public within the public campaign "Violence? No, thanks!, as well as to the participants of the final conference in Osijek, which will be organized in September 2014.
Video campaign
 Within the project and public campaign with the same name „Violence? No, thanks! ”, the video workshop leader Ivica Marusic in cooperation with pupils of secondary schools from Dalj, Vukovar and Sisak, created video spot which will be broadcasted on local TV stations – Vinkovacka TV in Vukovar-srijem, TV of Slavonija and Baranja in Osijek-baranja, and Mreza TV in Sisak-mosalvina County from February 27 till the end of September this year. The TV spot and campaign is aiming at raising the level of awareness among citizens about importance in violence prevention among youth.
"28th star" in Slatina!
 Through one another peer to peer presentation, the youth had the opportunity to express their opinions on issues that concern young people in connection with the European Union and Croatia as "the 28th star" . Students of Industrial Trades School in Slatina critically reflected on the opportunities that have offered to them. That you need bravery and skills to stand in front of the audience as well as will and practice, once again have proved Dora Konopek from Secondary School "Stjepan Ivšic" from Orahovica.
"28th star" in Vukovar!
 Technical school Nikola Tesla Vukovar was provided by our Nevena and Dragana additional experience performing in public. According to the words of Professor of English deserved every praise! A youth had the opportunity to express their views on the European Union and Croatia as its new member.
"28th star" in Ilok!
 High School Students Ilok today had the opportunity to participate in a presentation prepared by Nevena Popovic and Dragana Dokic from Secondary School Dalj . Thus, the "28th Star" visited the most eastern part of the Croatia and encouraged young people to reflect on the many issues that concern them.
"28th star" in Virovitica!
 Dora Konopek from Secondary School "Stjepan Ivsic" from Orahovica had enough will and courage to sustain itself for today's presentation.
Students from High School Peter Preradovic Virovitica, helped her with their active participation and very openly airing personal opinions on EU issues.
"28th star" in Novska!
 Peer to peer presentation was held in the High school in Novska , 02/20/2014. Students from the Industrial Trades school Posega: Anamaria Cvetkovic, Andrea Bojko and Martina Skeja continued to work actively to develop their presentation skills. In addition of  invested a lot of efforts, they extremely enjoyed, especially in the kindness with which we were received at school.
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