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The project "The Politic is (not) for me!" has started

 The project “The Politic is(not) for me!”, which PRONI Centre implement through Regional Info Centre for Youth Osijek, has started with the implementation on February 1st and will last till October 1st, 2013.
The project will be jointly implemented and with the financial support of the Osijek-Baranja County Youth Council and in cooperation with other Youth Councils and CSO from the County.

Training for tourist guides "Communication of Tourist Guides with People with Disabilities"

 Tourist Association of City of Osijek, with co-fiancing of Croatian Tourist Association, impelements the project entitled "OSIJEK - TOURIST DESTINATION WITHOUT BARRIERS" which aims to provide new knowledge and skills of tourist guides who work in city of Osijek and eastern Croatian region, for the  communication and management of tourist programs for people with disabilities, especially the blind and visually impaired people.

In accordance with the project objectives and planned activities, trainer of PRONI Centre for Social Education, Irena Mikulic, prepared and conducted a training program named "Communication of Tourist Guides with People with Disabilities."

Press conference - 28th Star
 In the premises of Regional info-center for Youth Osijek, on January 25th 2013. it was held a press conference on which was presented the project "28 ​​stars" and its activities, which will be implemented by the end of March 2014. The main applicant of the project is PRONI Center with partner associations - IMAGINE from Zagreb and INFO ZONE from Split. The project is funded by the European Union through the IPA INFO 2011.
Radio Interview with executive director of PRONI Center, Sanja Vukovic Covic, you can listen
28th Star - 1st partners' meeting is held!
 Representatives of INFO ZONE, IMAGINE and PRONI Center, partners in the project "28 ​​Stars", held the first meeting on 17th January 2013., in the premises of Regional info-center for youth in Zagreb. In addition to the agreement on partners' communication and introducing to the project in general, partners agreed to all the necessary details of upcoming activities. So, the preparation for "Mass Discussion", which will be held in Split, Zagreb and Osijek, in March, all in the same day and same time, has started.
Project "28th Star" has started!
 In EU Information centre in Zagreb today was held introductory meeting for the organizations who are awarded EU funding for their projects, through IPA INFO 2011. program. One of those project is "28th Star" , whose main appplicant is PRONI Centre for Social Education. Partners are CSOs INFOZONA from Split and IMAGINE from Zagreb. Associate organization is Deafblind Association of Split and Split-Dalmatia County.
Final public discussion

 PRONI Centre for Social Education within the project „What and How“, organised focus group, on which 30 representatives of young people, members of City Youth Council and local institutions, participated. The aim of the activity was active participation of stakeholders' representatives in drafting Youth Policy Action Plan, as well as in reviewing the Draft of the City Programme for Youth. This was the last and final activity within this project, and it was symbolically implemented on December the 5th, The International Day of Volunteers.

Implemented PCM in Vukovar

 Within the programme Salter – financed by National Foundation for Civil Society Development, a three-days training entitled „Project Cycle Management“, was implemented in the premises of PRONI Centre Vukovar. Such training was implemented from 27th till 29th of November, aiming at raising the capacities, knowledge and skills among Vukovar-srijem County Civil society organisation representatives, in order to contribute to their quality preparation for absorbing EU funds, as well as quality participation in the implementation of projects in partnership.

Focus group with the institutions' representatives

 Within the project „What and How“ a second focus group has been organised, this time with the representatives of institutions and CSO from Vukovar, as well as with the members of Youth City Council. The aim of the activity was active participation of stakeholders' representatives in drafting Youth Policy Action Plan, as well as in reviewing the Draft of the City Programme for Youth. The activity on which  10 representatives of various local stakeholders participated – the City of Vukovar, CES RO Vukovar, Policy in Community, Vukovar Development Agency, European House Vukovar, Youth City Council and PRONI Centre, was implemented on 26th of November 2012 in the premises of Youth Info Centre Vukovar.

In Osijek "Crowd on Salter"

 Three organizations from Slavonia and Baranja – PRONI Centre, Volunteer Centre Osijek and PGDI Beli Manastir, organized traditional, 6th in a row, regional conference of civil society organizations from Slavonia and Baranja, called “Crowd on Salter”.
This year the conference topic was “Towards the EU”, on which the participants had opportunity to hear which changes they may face, especially in the financing through European Social Fund, as well as up-coming programme “Erasmus for All”, which in Croatia from 2014 will be coordinated by Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.

Empowerment towards equal opportunities

As a part of the project " Empowerment towards equal opportunities " on October 29th and 30th,  2012., Association PGDI from Beli Manastir and KRIK from Slatina presented Info-points for youth. Besides sharing of different promotional material and conducted a survey on information in both cities, a round table entitled "The importance of informing young people" was held in Slatina, which was attended by representative of PRONI Centre / Info-center for youth Osijek.



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