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"And we are asked" - Focus group in the Info-center for youth Osijek PDF Print E-mail
 An interesting experiences and opinions were shared among young people from Osijek participating in the focus group in the Info-center for youth Osijek. Although there is public opinion that young people are not interested in politics, the conclusions of the focus groups show just the opposite.
In fact, according to the majority opinion, the problem of "lack of interest" is found primarily in insufficient information, lack of interest and encouragement of young people to involve, and no appreciation of the institutions and distrust of politicians.

Constructive debate is laced with concrete agreement of two participants on joint implementation of activities related to the research on needs and problems of young people from Osijek.

The second in a series of five focus groups conducted by the PRONI Centre for Social Education, is part of the project "And we are asked" implemented by the Community of Information Centres for youth in Croatia, financed by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.

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